Our aims with respect to research are to

  • Make students aware of the approaches to and techniques used in research,
  • Teach students a scientific approach to researche and develop their discernment.

But also to

  • Promote osteopathy as an independent profession, using assessment methods and scientific reasoning equivalent to that in any other scientific discipline ;
  • Uphold osteopathic theory using validates methods that allow knowledge to be shared within the scientific community ;
  • Share ideas and results with other medical professionnals through communications, posters and publications.

Methods used

The teaching staff at the CIDO includes osteopaths, doctors and university hospital researchers all desirous of providing the very best quality teachnig to our students..

  • During the undergraduate programme, students are required to create presentations of parts of their theory courses.
  • During the postgraduate programme, students are required to write a paper presenting a research project to include all the détails regarding the scientific protocol upon which it is to be based.
  • Educational objectives : bibliographic research, development of student's dicernment, structuring of ideas into a reasoned expose.
  • On-going training in applied methodology with individual tutoring after DO qualification : the writing of a research dissertation and defence of the same before a jury.
  • Educational objectives : specific bibliographic research into an osteopathic subject, creation of a scientific protocol.