Clinical Practice

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The curriculum at the CIDO gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice during consultations with patients.

From the 3rd year students begin to familiarize themselves with the clinical practice of their art.

Our facilities give students the opportunity to participate in the 200 or so consultations that are necessary if the student is to obtain the necessary clinical experience to ensure his competency in his future profession; these consultations are of course closely supervised by their clinical tutors.

Clinical practice in our osteopathy clinic

As clinical practice is an integral part of the curriculum from the 3rd year onwards, students get the chance to ensure the consultation, treatment and follow-up of patients under the direct supervision of their clinical tutor, a fully qualified, practising osteopath with teaching expedience.

The on-site osteopathy clinic at the CIDO has 15 consulting rooms. Each student will see at least 200 patients before he obtains his RNCP Grade-I diploma. Guided by their fully-qualified and highly experienced tutors, students improve their diagnostic skills and make informed choices as to the best treatment methods for the patients in their care.

  • 10 000 consultations annually
  • 35 000 patients have to date put their faith in the osteopathy clinic at the CIDO
  • 100% of patients would recommend the osteopathy clinic at the CIDO *
  • 100% of patients would be happy to return to another osteopathy consultation at the CIDO *

* Results of the last satisfaction poll at the CIDO.

Clinical practice as part of the curriculum

3rd year :

  • Questioning of the patient
  • Differential diagnosis and exclusion – osteopathic tests
  • Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment choices
  • Observations during clinical consultations at the CIDO
  • Accounting for 10% of study time

4th year :

  • Patient consultations
  • Accounting for 30% of study time

5th year :

  • Patient consultations
  • Accounting for 50% of study time