Clinical experience in a hospital setting

The curriculum at the CIDO also gives students the opportunity to gain clinical experience in a hospital setting.

The student thus familiarizes himself with the workings of a hospital and the medical environment, a vital step for the exercise of his future profession.

An osteopathy school working together with the University Teaching Hospital to care for patients

Under the guidance of an RNCP Grade I qualified osteopath, D.O 4th and 5th year students have, since 2011, been using their skills to bring relief to patients in the palliative care unit of the university teaching hospital (CHU) of Saint Etienne. Other pedagogic partnerships exist with other health care institutions including :

The Medical School in Saint-Etienne (the anatomy and physiology laboratory),

The University teaching hospital (CHU) of Saint-Etienne – ENT department,

The European School of Osteopathy (RU).

Clinical experience opportunities

Hospital training period for post-graduate students: Discover the ‘behind the scenes’ world of the hospital

Objective: to learn how a hospital department functions :

therapeutic skills for the palliative care unit at the CHU of Saint-Etienne

preparation and reception of a patient arriving in the unit

how to approach a sick patient or one having undergone surgery

the general surgical operating room and more specifically, orthopaedic operations

medical imaging in the hospital

clinical psychiatry

All these opportunities for clinical experience within a hospital setting are supervised by Dr Dominique FEVAL, an anaesthetist/resuscitator) and the head of the hospital department concerned.

These training periods are compulsory as they give the future professional vital knowledge of the hospital system and how it functions. They also contribute to patient safety and good practice in the student’s professional career.