Ostéopathy in Companies

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Osteopathy has been developing within companies for several years now, as companies are beginning to see that it is a highly effective tool in the health of their employees and the prevention of work-related health problems.

Regularly featuring in protocols covering the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), osteopathy’s holistic approach ensures the total care of patients both in their private and professional life.

Many private companies and public institutions call upon CIDO’s trainee osteopaths to work in close cooperation with their own services of workplace health care.

The experience this provides is extremely formative for our students, and encourages greater diversification in the practice of the profession.

CIDO / Tremplin 42 - a profitable partnership

On 21st February 2012, 40 managers from companies in the Saint Etienne area came to CIDO for a meeting to discuss the health of their employees as a factor for the prosperity of their companies. Whether from the industrial sector (EIFFAGE, VINCI (construction), CAPEB (eco-construction), STAS(public transport), STEPHANOISE DES EAUX (water distribution) etc.) or the service industry (BNP, Banque Populaire(banking) MAIF AG2R La Mondiale (insurance) etc.) all left convinced of the need for health care within the workplace.

An essential element in the efficient running of any company, preventive health care is nowadays a major factor in the social and economic performance of a company.

Demographic evolution, the ever-increasing economic and legislative requirements and increasing social demands are profoundly changing the needs of both top management and employees.

In light of this, the CIDO used this meeting as the occasion to announce that through the work of its osteopathy clinic it was now partnered with an organisation involved in helping people back to work.

So, in collaboration with Tremplin 42, an organisation specialising in helping the unemployed, CIDO is helping in the global care of their beneficiaries, so ensuring that their reinsertion into the workplace will be a success.

This is achieved through a short course with a very practical element that aims to teach people how to prevent musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace, before carrying out a full osteopathy workup at the CIDO clinic.