What becomes of our students ?

1 - A preparation of business entrepreneur

Because we are the best osteopaths France, CIDO undertakes to prepare for a fulfilling career guaranteeing them indispensable to their second job training: the entrepreneur.

To support a firm is to take the posture of a business leader. As such, CIDO offers its students a range of tools that will enable them not only to avoid errors but also some basic progress throughout their professional lives.

Accounting courses, practice management, marketing, law, establishment of an installation strategy advice of our senior osteopaths, etc.. CIDO graduates not only possess the most demanding osteopathic skills in terms of quality but also the knowledge needed to ensure their sustainable income generating activity.

2 - Opportunities

Since February 2011, the official diploma level osteopathic DO CIDO, was elevated to Level I, by the National Commission for Qualifications (CNCP).

It is a certification confers Master level 2 diploma in osteopathy CIDO. As such, we carry out a follow-up survey of our graduates that allows us, while ensuring the confidentiality of information transmitted to us to verify the professional development of our graduates.

A - Too osteopaths ?

Despite the proliferation of related osteopathy training and sharing the title with other medical and paramedical professions, exclusive osteopaths CIDO enjoy a very good reputation for the quality of care for patients. Ultimately, patients will make the difference and always choose the professional who will provide them support efficient and friendly.

B - The private practice is paramount.

It may be in the form of creation: little initial investment, but may slow start in 3-5 years to reach full operation.

You can also become associate osteopath having too many patients wizard. In general, the book appointments quickly filled, but the wizard returns a portion of his fee to the owner to cover office expenses.

Replacement takes place just in the same way, but in the absence of the holder (vacation, maternity, etc.). Often students prefer this choice in the early years to "make their weapons" before "screwing his plate."

Often assistantship and replacement lead an association, after a trial period.

C - Back exercise area

CIDO ahead of developments and changes in the territory of care. Thus, the observation of students CIDO within various units of the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne courses were completed at the request of the public hospital internships treatment for the patients of the Hospital of Saint-Etienne. External osteopathic CIDO in partnership with the care team and assist patients in palliative care unit of the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne and soon in the pediatric oncology unit.

The homes for the elderly are also new territory for osteopaths. Since 2012, external osteopathic CIDO involved in the care of residents of the House of Annie.

Finally, the company has become a huge field where the opening osteopathy is particularly dynamic and the application of osteopathic load is growing particularly in the context of prevention policies and health. CIDO numerous partnerships with many brands such as Veolia, Suez, SNCF, ERDF etc.

3 - Compensation

Level 1 requires RNCP, transparency is required, below you will find the turnover particularly encouraging graduates CIDO in 2012, two and a half years after graduation.

Turnover of graduates CIDO 2009, 2 ½ years after graduation.