Choosing the right osteopathy school, the + of the CIDO

Or why choose CIDO as a safe bet

The establishments that offer training in osteopathy, although doing so with the approval of the Ministry for Health are not all the same. Many of these schools are unable to offer the future osteopath sufficient clinical practice supervised by suitably qualified tutors.

The recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) published in December 2014 stipulate a minimum of 4,860 hours of study and that this should include 1,500 hours of clinical practice supervised by fully-qualified osteopaths.

Before choosing your school you should check that it offers all of the following :

  • At least 4,860 hours of study spread over 5 years.
  • Teaching and clinical practice facilities meeting ISO 9001 international standards.
  • A teaching programme offered within the parameters of the European university charter ERAMUS.
  • A policy of selection for first-year entry.
  • A staff that with its professional qualifications and teaching experience offers a small number of students the very best chances for success.
  • A diploma registered as Grade 1 by the National Repertory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).
  • The guarantee of a minimum number of patient consultations within the clinical facilities of the school.

The CIDO meets all of these conditions.

The osteopathy clinic, our consultation centre

Students have access to 15 consulting rooms, giving them the opportunity to see at least 150 patients during their studies.

Under the supervisions of their tutors, all fully-qualified Grade I RNCP osteopaths DO, working in private practice with local government authorization, the undergraduates or postgraduates improve their diagnostic skills, can put their knowledge and skills into practice and learn to how to act and react in every situation that an osteopath may encounter.

This amount of irreplaceable clinical experience acquired in an osteopathy clinic meeting ISO 9001 international standards is the prerequisite for later professional success.

Training in a hospital setting

Observation periods are organized in hospital settings for students to complete their knowledge regarding the activities of other health care professionals and so ensure the medical ‘culture’ so necessary for the future osteopath.

Partnerships exist with the Medical Faculty of the University of Saint Etienne (anatomy and physiology laboratory), the ENT department and the palliative care unit at the University Teaching Hospital (CHU) of Saint Etienne and the European School of Osteopathy (RU).

Training during sporting events

The CIDO provide osteopathic care during a number of major sporting events (Bi-cross, SaintéLyon, Téléthon, French Championship of Contact Sports...)



  • To train students in the approaches to and techniques used in scientific research.
  • To teach students a scientific approach to research and develop their discernment.
  • To promote osteopathy as an independent profession, using assessment methods and scientific reasoning equivalent to that in any other scientific discipline;
  • To uphold osteopathic theory using validated methods that allow knowledge to be shared within the scientific community;
  • To share ideas and results with other medical professionals through communications, posters and publications.

Methods used

  • Presentations from the first year onwards that require studies of the literature and structuring of ideas.
  • The dissertation produced in the 4th and 5th years can evolve into a full research paper and be submitted for publication in national or international journals.


  • The personalized tutoring of each student is assured by :
  • The professional and pedagogic quality of our teaching staff, whether French or from abroad, most of whom are bilingual,
  • The dynamism and availability of every member of the teaching staff,
  • The commitment of the management, teaching staff and students, formalized in CIDO’s Quality policy.

Media centre

  • Library: over a thousand books, scientific periodicals and theses are available for consultation by students.
  • Info on-line: an intranet network dedicated to the needs of the our students and the sharing of knowledge.

The Student Union at the CIDO (BDE - BDS)

Our student union, the AE CIDO (Association des Étudiants du CIDO) organises numerous events throughout the year :

  • An integration week-end for new students, other weekend trips, sporting activities etc
  • Regrouping orders for all types of course material, ensuring that copies of courses are available to all etc
  • Conferences
  • Organisation of teams to represent the school: Rugby, Volleyball, Handball, pétanque.

The AE CIDO also involves itself in humanitarian activities.

Love of life !

Bright, airy open spaces in new buildings where you can love to live, with …

  • A canteen giving onto tree-filled grounds, open daily whenever there are lesson or exams from 7h30 - 15h00. Students can delight in home-made meals, as well as snacks and drinks.
  • Areas for games and relaxation under the trees …

Canteen price list


  Pain au chocolat 0,60 €


  Sandwich 2,80 €
  Mixes salad 3,50 €
  3-course meal 7,00 €
  Main course 4,20 €
  Subscription - 4 meals/week 6,20 € / meal
  Subscription - 3 meals/week 6,40 € / meal
  Meal card - 20 full meals 6,60 € / meal


  Small coffee 0,80 €
  Large coffee 0,90 €
  Expresso 1,00 €
  Fruit juice 0,90 €