A specific pedagogic programme

An innovative osteopathic training

In 2004 the CIDO became the firstschool to set up and implement a study programme which in its construction and progression is in perfect correlation with the very concept of osteopathic treatment.

Programme de formation osteopathie du cidoENG

Undergraduate studies (Years 1, 2 & 3 ) Learning - Studying man


In the 1st year, the student familiarizes himself with palpation of the body structures and ligaments and learns how to diagnose and treat osteoarticular dysfunction. These techniques will be perfected throughout the 5-year course.


The 2nd year concentrates on the muscles and students will begin to learn the myotensive techniques he will perfect in the coming years.


The 3rd year concentrates on the much more delicate palpation of the thoracic and abdominal cavities, opening the way for learning myofascial techniques.

The 3rd year is also the beginning of a student’s exposure to real patients in the osteopathy clinical so that he can begin to hone his skills.


Postgraduate Cycle (Years 4 & 5 )

Acting - Considering man in his entirety, seeding the patient in his entirety

The 4th year concentrates on learning how to put all this knowledge into practice faced with a real patient who has come for a consultation at our osteopathy clinic. These skills are acquired through experience, including the very hands-on experience of palpating a patient so as to effect a diagnosis and use the appropriate osteopathic techniques to treat him successfully .

The 5th year consolidates all this theoretical and clinical experience, giving the student the opportunity to perfect his skills in every domain. It is also the moment when he will carry out and present an original research project.