At the service of osteopathy since 1987

The CIDO (Centre International d’Ostéopathie) is dedicated to providing the very highest quality training to osteopaths and is a major player in the evolution of osteopathy practice in France and throughout the world.

Today the CIDO:




Enter osteopathic schoolEven with more that three hundred students following the 5-year higher-education osteopathy training course necessary to become a qualified and competent osteopath the CIDO, a school renowned throughout Europe, remains a small institution with a distinctly family feel to it ! Accredited by the Ministry of Health, its teaching programme meets all the norms and criteria laid down in France and those made by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The CIDO, holder of the European University Charter ERASMUS, encourages and facilitates the mobility of students and staff in the establishment. The diploma it awards is an open door to the world of research and other universities throughout Europe, allowing the osteopath to ply his craft anywhere in the world. Training to become an osteopath at the CIDO is choosing to become a highly qualified part of a growing profession with a bright future.

A quick history …

The practice of osteopathy is based on the concepts of anatomy and physiology of the human body put forward in the 19th century by Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917) whose inquiring mind laid down the first principles of this art of diagnosis and treatment.

It consists in examining and treating the human body as an interconnected entity rather than just the sum of its individual parts. By re-establishing the body’s natural balance, the osteopath acts to preserve its health and increase its resistance to injury or disease. The CIDO (Centre International D'Ostéopathie) first opened its doors in back in 1987 in partnership with the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone (UK); it was the first ever school in France to perpetuate this tradition of osteopathy.

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An RNCP level 1 diploma in osteopathy

The diploma in osteopathy (D.O.) awarded by the CIDO is recognized by the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP – National Register of Professional Certifications) as a level 1 diploma equivalent to a 2-year Masters degree.

Osteopathy consultationProfessional certification is the recognition of a qualification, proving the ability of the holder to carry out his chosen profession within various professional environments, and accepting full responsibility for his actions as laid down in the reference document. Level 1 is the highest level of professional qualifications in France, and the diploma in osteopathy (D.O)awarded by the CIDO is the assurance of the best possible training giving professional autonomy equivalent to that of a two-year Masters degree. Only 9 establishments in France offer initial osteopathic training certified to such a high level.

Becoming an osteopath by obtaining a diploma in osteopathy from the CIDO ensures rapid access to practising your chosen profession.

The osteopathy clinic – the opportunity for real consultations

By working in CIDO’s osteopathy clinic from the first year and through to the end of the second cycle of osteopathy training, the student has to opportunity to put into practice what he has learnt by taking care of the patients who come for osteopathy consultations. He does this under the responsibility and with the guidance of our clinic tutors, all qualified, practising osteopaths.

The osteopathy clinic attached to the CIDO has 15 consultation rooms. Each osteopathy student must see a minimum of 150 patients before he can obtain his diploma in osteopathy. Under the direct supervision of their tutors, all of whom hold a RNCP Level 1 diploma, the students learn to hone their diagnostic skills, decide on a reasoned treatment regimen and carry out this treatment to improve the state of health of the patients entrusted to their care.


Integration of the CIDO clinic occurs in several stages:

  • Discovery of the practice of osteopathy in the 1st year
  • Observation in the clinic in the 2nd year
  • Learning experiences from the 3rd year
  • Practical experience with patients from the 4th year


In figures the CIDO clinic represents:

  • More than 10,000 consultations annually
  • More than 30,000 patients who have put their trust in the CIDO’s osteopathy clinic
  • 100% of patients would recommend the CIDO’s osteopathy clinic *
  • 100% of patients would be happy to return to the CIDO’s osteopathy clinic for a further consultation *

* Results of a satisfaction poll among CIDO patients for 2013-2014.

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ERASMUS and the CIDO, Saint-Etienne

Holder of the European university charter ERASMUS, CIDO encourages the international mobility of its students. This unique programme supports, among other things, the development of the European dimension of higher-education osteopathy establishments.

It provides osteopathy students in Saint Etienne with the opportunity to develop their linguistic, intercultural and professional skills and represents a definite ‘plus’ on a CV, making it all the easier to work as an osteopath anywhere within Europe.

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A school of osteopathy in partnership with the local University Teaching Hospital

Since 2011, CIDO’s osteopathy students (students from years 4 and 5) have been working under the guidance of a RNCP level 1 qualified osteopath to relieve the suffering of patients in the palliative care and paediatric oncology departments of the local University Teaching Hospital

Consultation in osteopathyFurthermore, several partnership agreements exist between the CIDO and other health care institutions, notably:

  • the Medicine Faculty of the University of Saint Etienne (anatomy and physiology laboratories),
  • the University Teaching Hospital of Saint Etienne – ENT department,
  • the European School of Osteopathy (UK).

Investment in osteopathy research

With a view to developing its activities, the CIDO is reinforcing its investment in osteopathy research.

The CIDO laboratory for osteopathy research brings together students, academics and qualified osteopaths for research purposes and is part of a process to ensure the future of the profession.

Teaching environment and facilities

CIDO boasts:

  • 90 lecturers: osteopaths, doctors, researchers, health care professionals,
  • 10 education professionals,
  • 1 osteopathy clinic with 15 consultation rooms,
  • 1 centre dedicated to osteopathy research,
  • 1 amphitheatre, 12 classrooms equipped with video-projection facilities,
  • 1 library, 1 IT room with high-speed Internet access,
  • 1 free WIFI access throughout the school,
  • 1 extranet website with schedules, course material etc.
  • 1 cafeteria, 1 student common room,
  • 7600 m² of landscaped gardens with 3000 m² of buildings for the use of students - 10 m² per student,
  • 1 car park for students and areas for leisure and relaxation,
  • 1 direct motorway access (40 minutes from Lyon, 1 hour 20 from Clermont-Ferrand)

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