AE CIDO – Our Student’s Union

The Students Union

The student’s union at CIDO is an association, managed and run by volunteers from throughout the school, all highly-motivated students who seek to promote a convivial atmosphere in which their fellow students can study.

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AE CIDO, our Student’s Union:

  • Is a student organisation registered under French law as an association ‘1901’ run by students for students.
  • Has its own Facebook page: facebookVisit the page
  • Has its own car-pool to minimise the impact of individual transport on the environment: facebookVisit the page
  • Is run by a committee comprising a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary and has sub-committees for each of the following areas:
    • Sport
    • Culture
    • Medical equipment
    • Events
    • Liaison with the FASEE


The Student’s union also:

  • Negotiates group discounts and orders equipment for our students (books, osteopathy tables, medical equipment…)
  • Informer les étudiants sur les activités culturelles de la ville de Saint Etienne et alentours
  • Informs students about all the cultural events taking place in and around the city of Saint Etienne
  • Organises conferences on a variety of subjects
  • Takes part in charity events (Sidaction, Téléthon …) and supports the community (blood donations … )
  • Offers healthy eating with baskets of fresh, seasonal produce


Partners to the Students Union include:

  • BNP Paribas for financial services
  • Axa Assurances for multirisk insurance products
  • Librairie de Paris (bookshop) and Boeck (publishing house) for books and periodicals
  • Toomédical and Paramat for medical equipment
  • Club Amazonia for gym facilities
  • Résidences Nexity for student accommodation
  • FASEE – Federation of Student Bodies in Saint Etienne


Getting together

The CIDO is like a family, and families need to get together - regularly! With a myriad of intra- and inter-promotion events organised by the student’s union, there’s always something going on. Not to mention all the informal get-togethers … CIDO is about making friends, and keeping them for five years and beyond.

Events are mostly organised for students within the school, but more and more events are being organised in conjunction with other student bodies around the city through the activity of the FASEE.

The FASEE - Fédération des Associations de Saint-Étienne Étudiantes

Our student’s union is a member of the federation of student bodies in Saint Etienne, another association ‘1901’ under French law. Here again, it is a student body run by students for students and now includes most of the students bodies for higher education establishments in and around the city.

Its aim is to bring together all the city’s students and to work closely with all the student bodies to give a new dynamic to life as a student in Saint Etienne.

Though its network, the FASEE works to promote the values and projects supported by students and through its size and influence can support and develop projects that impact the life of students in the city.


During the year this association promotes projects such as:

  • The SASE (Saint Etienne Welcomes its Students): a week of discovery for new students. It gives them to opportunity to discover the city and its amenities as well as make new friends with a programme of cinema outings, concerts, sporting events…SASE
  • • The Téléthon is a national campaign over a weekend to support Muscular Dystrophy. Each year the FASEE mobilises its members to man stands, sell merchandise, and generally help raise money for an excellent cause, while meeting the public and students from other schools.Téléthon
  • • Les Olympiades is another week-long event that brings together students from all the different schools for a cultural/fun programme that includes a film, a concert, a dance, get-togethers over drinks on each of the campuses … But each Olympiades week ends with a parade of each of the schools following by an inter-school sporting event. May the best school win!



The city of Saint-Étienne offers all its students free access to a dedicated website, the SAINTEPASS.


SAINTEPASS gives students:

  • 8 reduced-price or free entries to sporting or cultural events or free transport as soon as a student signs up
  • Free or reduced-price last-minute ticket sales for concerts, matches, the theatre or opera, cinema etc.
  • • Special offers from their partners throughout the year at


The student’s union gives their support and help to students wishing to organises sports competitions (volley ball, badminton, handball, rugby, basket ball… ) as required. For the last three years they have also organised trips to ski on the slopes of Alpe d’Huez or Méribel and an inter-year football tournament, run by 5th year students.


The CIDO also flies the school’s colours entering teams for sporting events organised by the FASEE during the weeks of the SASE and Olympiades. In 2014, the school brought home the trophies for basketball and dodge ball! In 2015, it was the cups for best ‘fun’ team and merit. We will have to defend those tooth and nail next year!


Outside events

Every year intrepid students from the school take part in outside events such the Urban Saint Etienne trail, the Paris Marathon, the 4L trophy.

4L Trophy

This year a second year student has been given leave of absence to participate in the 4L, a 15-day humanitarian rally in Renault 4L cars to bring schools on the other side of the Moroccan desert books and school supplies. Another will be wearing the school’s colours when he runs the marathon in Paris … Let’s hope more students will follow in his (sore) footsteps!