Our commitment to Quality

ISO 9001 certified since 2006

The CIDO, a private Higher Education Osteopathy College has held ISO 9001 certification since the 7th February 2006.

Le CIDO, although approved by the Ministry for Health and Sports has always wanted to go that extra mile in its general policy of continuous improvement with regards Quality.

While the decree dated 27th March 2007 set out a framework for osteopathy studies, including course content and the standards of proficiency in core competences before awarding a diploma in osteopathy, the ISO 9001 certification attests to the rigour and pertinence of the means used to attain these educational objectives and verifies the validity of the results obtained.

What benefits are there for the CIDO ?

Simply to prove that the CIDO is acting in accordance with the objectives it laid down for itself: to ensure that its students receive quality training in their chosen field, that they will be supported and helped to achieve their goal and so become qualified osteopaths who can be proud of the excellence of the therapy they provide while guaranteeing the absolute safety of their patients.

Working under the guidance of the school’s principal, Patrick Féval, the whole team at the CIDO, both administrative and teaching staff, are committed to demonstrating that the training we offer meets the most exacting standards to be found anywhere in the world.

This approach means that Quality is an ongoing preoccupation as we are dedicated to continuous improvement. It is a long-term commitment with regular audits to monitor and reassess what we do and a permanent spirit of self-assessment if we are to achieve our goal: every day and in every way to get better and better for our students so that they can benefit from a continuously improving teaching programme and organizational set-up.

Our policy regarding Quality naturally incites our students to do the same, meaning that continuous improvement becomes their watchword not only at school but throughout their professional careers.

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ISO 9001 Certification