The Quality to succeed...

An approach of Excellence

In its constant search for perfection, our private higher-education establishment, registered with the Lyon Education Authority, approved by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sport, signatory to the European Erasmus charter and delivering a diploma in osteopathy recognized as Level 1 by the National Repertory of Professional Qualifications, is pursuing its Quality policy.

Our vocation is to train students for a future career as recognised health-care professionals offering safe treatment to patients. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that all our students achieve this goal and become fully qualified osteopaths.

To achieve this the CIDO pays special attention to the quality of :

  • Its theoretical, practical and clinical teaching programmes in line with the teaching reference ‘Become an osteopath, act with competency’
  • The care provided to patients in its consultations centre. and fixtures and fittings of the same
  • Its teaching staff
  • Its human resources
  • Its infrastructure – buildings

This policy allows us to continually develop the knowledge and competence necessary. It furthers the fulfilment and success of the students, the osteopaths who work with them, the teaching staff and other members of CIDO personnel.

The staff at the CIDO is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and furthering the development of osteopathy.

It is with the commitment, support and confidence of all those working at and with the CIDO that I can continue to develop our projects into their national, European and international dimension.

Saint-Étienne, 30th august 2011.

Patrick Féval

Directeur général