Becoming an osteopath

The excellence of the training provided by the CIDO school of osteopathy is well recognised and will turn you into a top-quality osteopath.

Awarding a diploma in osteopathy (DO) recognised to be a level 1 diploma by the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles - National Register of Professional Certifications), the CIDO provides its students with the guarantee of State recognised qualification of the highest quality. It is the equivalent of a 2-year specialist Master’s degree with the possibility of continuing with postgraduate studies at university (admission N-1).

Becoming an osteopathHow does one become an osteopath?

By following a course leading to a diploma in osteopathy is the obvious answer, but is only part of the answer! To work as a osteopath it is also necessary to be part of the regulatory framework that governs the practice of osteopathy in France. As a future osteopath, you need to obtain a diploma from a State-recognised school of osteopathy. Only then will you be able to register with the Agence Régionale de Santé (Regional Health Authority) in the area where you will practise.

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Your studies to become an osteopath

At the CIDO the study programme to become an osteopath brings together a teaching environment that meets the latest criteria laid down by ministerial decree (December 2014) and a highly innovative teaching programme taught by a team of 80 lecturers.

In real terms, this consists of osteopathic training modules running though two cycles coupled with extensive practical experience obtained in our in-house osteopathy clinic (>10,000 consultations annually) and in local hospitals.

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A baccalauréat or the European equivalent is the minimum educational entry requirement for admission into a school of osteopathy.

You have the baccalaureate exam, you can become an osteopath

You can be accepted for osteopathy training immediately after the baccalaureate exam. The training course runs for 5 years.

Take the opportunity provided by one of our Open Days to come and visit the CIDO, meet the staff, talk to students, see round the school and make your application.

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Becoming an osteopath

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Becoming an osteopath, in brief

To sum up, becoming an osteopath with a RNCP level 1 diploma (DO) with the CIDO, is ensuring that you receive training recognised for its excellence by the State and other health-care professionals, a training that will fully equip you to set up your own practice with a long, passionate career ahead of you.

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