Admission procedures

There exists a simple procedure to be followed if you wish to be admitted to the osteopathy training programme at CIDO:

  1. Meet the conditions for the entrance examination
  2. Submit to the three phases of the admission protocol:
    1. Examination of your dossier,
    2. Written tests,
    3. Interview.
  3. and if you are successful, confirm that you accept the place offered within 7 working days.

Conditions for access to the entrance examination and pre-registration

The admission procedure for entering the CIDO school of osteopathy aims to select those candidates the best suited to becoming an osteopath.

A student passes a test for osteopathic trainingIn effect, only 75 places are available this year. By ensuring that each candidate is highly motivated to become a student of osteopathy, the CIDO provides a guarantee to all its students that it will maintain its level of excellence and that its students will obtain their diploma in osteopathy (DO), recognised as a RNCP level I diploma. To sign up for the entrance examination, candidates are required to meet the following criteria and provide the following documents that will constitute your pre-registration:


    1. Hold the baccalaureate or be a final year high-school student
    2. Complete the registration form for the CIDO school of osteopathy and return it by post to:

CIDO Saint-Etienne
Inscription Admissions
Rue Pablo Neruda
42100 Saint-Etienne
or leave it with the CIDO school secretary between 8h30 -12h30 and 14h00 - 18h00 on weekdays.

  1. Pay the sum of 80,00 € by cheque made out to ‘CIDO Saint-Etienne’ to cover the costs of the admissions procedure.




Taking the entrance examination

On reception of the complete set of your registration documents, you will receive a letter from CIDO detailing the place, date and time of your entrance examination and interview. These may be programmed to coincide with one of our Open Days (link to the JPO page) held at the CIDO or on another date to be decided upon with the CIDO school secretary (telephone 04 77 42 82 81).




The admission procedure in three phases of equal importance

Candidates pass an entry test osteopathic trainingThe admission procedure CIDO Saint-Etienne consists of examination of your dossier, a written examination and an interview. The written tests are an evaluation tool, complete the information obtained from your dossier and are invaluable for the following interview. These tests have been constructed in such a way as to examine each candidate in line with the specificities of his or her profile.

Examination of your dossier and pre-registration for osteopathy training at CIDO

The examination of your pre-registration dossier forms part of the admissions procedure to access the osteopathy training given by the CIDO, and is systematically carried out for every candidate applying to the school. Studying this dossier allows us to analyse the coherence between the studies undertaken by the candidate and his personal commitment … to his environment, sport, volunteer work etc. It gives us a framework to understand the results of the written tests and aids us in the preparation of the interview with the candidate.

Written examination as part of the selection procedure for osteopathy training at CIDO

The written examinations take place over a half day. They will test your knowledge of biology, but also your spatial awareness, numerical and verbal logic and include a brief essay. Your general knowledge, French language and mathematics will also be tested along with your basic knowledge of the human body.




An interview to examine your motivations for wanting to become an osteopathAn interview to examine your motivations for wanting to become an osteopath

The interview is your opportunity to explain your motivations for wanting to become an osteopath. Each candidate will be interviewed by a member of the CIDO’s teaching staff. The interview lasts for 20 - 30 minutes. Following the interviews, a jury will draw up the list of candidates to be offered places at CIDO.

Dates for entrance examinations for CIDO

The written examinations and interviews routinely take place during the school’s Open Days, to which to will be invited after reception of your completed pre-registration dossier.
Entrance examinations for CIDOThe interview will be carried out on the same day. However, if you are unable to be present at one of the Open Days, it is possible to organise a convenient date for the interview and entrance examination by contacting the CIDO school secretary on 04 77 42 82 81.


You have been successful and been offered a place at CIDO?

You have been successful in the entrance procedure and have received written confirmation from the jury of your place at CIDO?

entrance procedureCIDO Saint-Étienne will notify you within 3 working days after your interview of the results of their deliberations. On reception of the letter offering you a place, you have 7 working days to accept the place offered by registered post, and return the completed final registration documents.

You will then be ready to join our osteopathy training programme which will prepare you to become an osteopath with an accredited RNCP1 diploma in osteopathy DO!

Transfer of your dossier between osteopathy schools

Any candidate admissible to the selection interview can request that his dossier be transferred to the IdHEO school in Nantes, with the proviso that they have not finalised their selection of candidates for the coming school year. After examination of your dossier, the candidate may be invited to attend an interview in the chosen school. In this case, the candidate will need to pay 50,00€ by cheque made payable to the school to cover costs of the admission procedure and interview.

For any other case, please contact the CIDO.