Change setting osteopathic training

The reasons

For various reasons you want to change schools training in osteopathy (cost of living, housing, relocation, relocation of spouse dissatisfaction in choosing your current institution, Title RNCP ...).

There are at CIDO procedure for your situation to ensure quick processing of your application and integration within the curriculum CIDO in the best possible conditions.

How ?

Dossier entrée

  • Contact CIDO at 04 77 42 82 81 and ask for a registration form 
  • Return the completed and accompanied by all the documents folder, the program of the original school, the grades obtained during your osteopathic curriculum and a letter of motivation
  • Study your course by the jury
  • Participation in a personal interview


After the decision of the jury

  • Integration of curriculum CIDO in the academic year designated by the jury

Throughout the year, individual monitoring is conducted to evaluate your integration and anticipate any difficulty.Plaquette