Sustainable development.

Implementation of the aerothermal

When they were originally built our two ‘older’ buildings were with heated with a gas-fired boiler.

Central heating and conventional insulation

In 2005, we chose an aerothermic heat pump, much more economic and emitting no greenhouse gases. The system provides heating in winter and air-conditioning in summer.

In 2009, CIDO made further improvements to our carbon footprint :

  • A new, more efficient aerothermic heat pump providing heating and air conditioning to the clinic and class rooms.
  • Solar panels on the roof to provide hot water,

The CIDO is also :

  • A tree lined car park for staff and students that is note tarmacked (no inscrease in impermeable surfaces)
  • An environment where ‘green is good’ with trees and flowers everywhere
  • No use of chemical products for maintenance of our green spaces making us a haven for birds and insect despite being the middle of a town...