Patient files at the osteopathic clinic

A confidential medical record and kept for 10 years

Details of all the treatment you receive, as well as all the personal data collected during your consultations with us are noted in your patient file.

These are stored for a period of 10 years after the date of your last visit. You may ask to access your file at any time by writing to the Administrative Services of the CIDO Osteopathy Clinic. There is no charge if you wish to then consult your file on the premises. If you wish to obtain a copy of all or part of your file, regardless of the form of this copy, then CIDO will ask you to reimburse the cost of these copies and where appropriate, the cost of postage. Before you are given access to the file, your identity will be checked. In the case of a minor, the file may be accessed only by his parents or legal guardians. Unless expressly refused during life, next of kin may access the file of a deceased relative.