The osteopathy consultation

Osteopathic clinic

The consultations are with our osteopathy externs, students who have validated at least three years of study and all of whom work under the supervision and guidance of qualified osteopaths with many years’ experience.

When a patient arrives, he is welcomed by the extern who presents him to his tutor, an osteopath chosen for both his therapeutic and pedagogic skills. The extern then takes the patient to the consulting room. A second extern will usually be present as an observer.

In order to optimize the consultation, you are advised to bring with you wherever possible :

  • X-rays and other medical imaging results
  • Results of recent laboratory tests
  • Health record
  • Any Other documents relating to your medical histor

The consultation has 3 distinct phases

  • You will be questioned, in detail, regarding your current health and medical history. This will then form part of your confidential patient file,
  • A series of medical and osteopathic tests, based on observation and painless movement and manipulation by the extern to establish a diagnosis,
  • An osteopathic treatment tailored to the needs of the patient following which the patient will be guided in the way to preserve the benefits of the treatment for as long as possible.

The extern will report his findings to his tutor and discuss the case so that a consensus can be reached regarding the most suitable treatment for the patient. If a follow-up visit is deemed necessary then it is possible to request :

  • that this be with the same extern,
  • or with an external one if the proposed dates do not allow taking load fast enough.