Who can be treated with osteopathy ?

Virtually everybody !

From the pregnant woman to the newborn infant, for the active and the sedentary, for children and senior citizens, for amateur or professional sportsmen and women, the osteopath adapts to his patient to offer him painless manual treatment in keeping with his general state of health and his life style.

The osteopath can provide relief for most musculoskeletal pain such as back or neck pains, lumbago, sprains, tendinitis resulting from some sort of accident or trauma. He can also intervene across a wide range of problems such as digestive problems, sleeping problems, depression ...

Osteopathy and pregnant women

Throughout her pregnancy and labour, the pregnant woman’s body undergoes considerable physical changes, all of which require various degrees of compensatory action by the body to maintain homeostasis. The spine is often severely under strain and immobility of the pelvis soon leads to lower back pain; pressure on the stomach can result in acid reflux making pregnancy an unpleasant time for the woman. With his profound knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body the osteopath can help the woman to stay in good health, both during and after her pregnancy, and treat whatever problems do occur.

Osteopathy and young children

Osteopaths can also care for infants and young children having problems such as poor sleeping, regurgitations, colic etc., resulting from long, difficult deliveries...

Osteopathy and sportsmen and women

Whether you do sport as a leisure activity or professionally, any reduction or loss of mobility in the joints, muscles, ligaments or viscera can result in an imbalance. This can manifest itself in sports people via various symptoms ranging from simple contractures to chronic pain which naturally then affects performance or the pleasure of the sport. The osteopath’s intervention will result in the very precise realignment of whatever joints have been perturbed. He can also intervene to provide help with joint pain, pubalgia, stitches or poor recuperative abilities and can help reduce the effects of stress. An osteopath will optimize a sportsman’s preparation, will improve his recuperation and reinforce his body’s performance.

Osteopathy and senior citizens

Over the years the ligaments lose their elasticity and the cartilage wears away and becomes thinner. These totally normal results of the ageing process bring with them reduced levels of movement and joint pain. Even the simplest gestures required for day-to-day living can become a challenge. With his analysis of the situation, the osteopath will be able, in a large number of cases, to stabilize, slow down and improve the pain and thus its consequences for the senior citizen. The aim is of course to restore mobility to the suffering joint and so the osteopath can give a certain level of comfort to the joint and so improve daily living.

Osteopathy and the active population

Osteopathy can provide a solution for many problems of daily living such as back pain, poor sleep, migraines…It helps manage the stress of daily living and improves the body’s recuperation after long, hectic days.