The CIDO St-Étienne in the dissection room

Indispensable for the future osteopath, dissection is a fundamental requirement if one is to fully grasp the anatomy of the human body.


The practical anatomy sessions are a compulsory component of the course at the Centre International D’Ostéopathie, to give our students a clinical overview and better understanding of anatomy.

During the course of his studies, each of our students will observe the dissection of the legs and arms, the cranium, thorax, spine and abdomen in the gross anatomy facility of the medical school J. Lisfanc attached to the Jean Monnet University here in Saint Etienne.

These practical anatomy sessions are taught by a surgeon at the teaching hospital in Saint Etienne and an osteopath on the teaching staff of the CIDO.

To ensure optimum pedagogy and maximal participation by the students, these sessions are carried out with groups of just fifteen students.


Observing the dissection of a human cadaver (prosection) allows students to visualise the structures that they are taught to act upon during their practical training sessions in school, helping them comprehend the integrated nature of all the structures within the body. This also lets them fully understand the close link between the structure and function of each organ, a fundamental concept of osteopathy.

These prosection sessions are the natural follow-up to the teaching of descriptive anatomy and the palpation skills taught at CIDO and form an integral part of our teaching programme during the second cycle of an osteopath’s training.