2015 Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds Trail

29 March, CIDO on the starting blocks for 2015 Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds Trail event organised by ATOUSPORTS & ST JEAN SPORT DETENTE.


Saint-Jean Sport DétenteThe Bonnefontaine trail, a 23 km off-road race with a gradient of 800 m is the ideal opportunity to discover this commune where the waters divide to flow towards both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean as well as enjoy the beauties of the surrounding communes of Saint-Chamond, Sorbiers and La Talaudière.
Mainly run on hiking trails, the course will be a feast for the eyes with spectacular views of the Pilat National Park and the hills of the ‘Mont du Jarez’ and the ‘Monts du Forez’.

The easier St Jeandaire trail is run over only 8 km with a 200 m gradient making it accessible to all. Following the route of the once famous St-Jeandaire, it too will give you the opportunity to discover the delights of Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds. Come and run like you’ve never run before and enjoy the festive atmosphere as the town celebrates its runners with an exceptional welcome at the finish line. The town is even laying on a mini run especially for the children!



Office Municipal des Sports - St Jean BonnefondsWhether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional, any reduction in the mobility of your joints, muscles, ligaments or viscera will lead to an imbalance in the delicate machine that is your body. This will manifest itself in one of several ways ranging from stiffness to chronic pain, yet the result is always the same – a lessening of your sporting prowess and so to the pleasure generated by any sporting activity.


Osteopathy can pinpoint these dysfunctions in the joints and so restore the body’s delicate balance.

Osteopathy can also be highly beneficial in cases of painful joints, sports hernia, side stitch, poor recuperation and to reduce stress.

Osteopathy optimises the preparation phase, improves recuperation and reinforces the body’s physical capabilities.

Osteopathy also has a role in helping prevent sports-related injuries. A well-balanced body is naturally more resistance to the stresses and strains that sport inflicts on the body.

This novel approach to sports medicine has an important part to play for the sportsman or woman although no sporting activity should be undertaken without a conventional medical check-up.


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