Osteopathic International Alliance

Le CIDO membre de l'Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA). Learn the goals of the Osteopathic International Alliance.

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2015 Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds Trail

2015 Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds Trail

29 March, CIDO on the starting blocks for 2015 Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds Trail event organised by ATOUSPORTS & ST JEAN SPORT DETENTE.…

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Osteopathy tends to develop within the business for a few years, it is now seen as a powerful tool for prevention and health. Regularly recorded in prevention protocols Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), osteopathy its global vision also participates in full support of the patient in his professional and private world.

Many structures or private or public organizations use external osteopaths and osteopathic CIDO to intervene and conduct a comprehensive reflection in partnership with the health / prevention of these structures service. These experiences are instructive for our students and promote a more diverse professional practice.

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